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"Leaving everyone in their wake: Waterskiers set new world record as 145 people are pulled behind a single boat." View page >>
The Daily Mail, UK

"145 seize sea waterski record - A FERRY tugs 145 waterskiers as they smash the world record for travelling a mile together. " Published: 02th February 2012
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The Sun, UK

"A group of 145 water-skiers in Australia have broken the record for the most people being dragged by a single boat."
Report by Mark Morris. ITN NEWS, UK, coverage 31.1.2012

"145 water skiers in Tasmania break the world record for the highest number of water-skiers to be pulled behind one boat."
Uploaded to YouTube by news20four, INDIA, on Feb 1, 2012

"145 Water Skiers Attempt New World Record - 5 Miles Of Rope Used To Pull Skiers Behind Catamaran" View page >>
KSBW Action News, USA, POSTED: 7:14 am PST January 31, 2012

"1 boat, 145 water skiers: A record-breaking stunt - Very odd things have been known to happen off the coast of Tasmania. This is one..."
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The Week, USA, posted on February 3, 2012, at 1:41 PM

MorningRush studios at
Water Works - 01/31/12

"Boat Sets World Record by Pulling 145 Waterskiers at Same Time (Video)"
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Larry Brown Sports, USA, 27.1.2012

"Aussies Break Water Ski Record - World-Record-Setting Waterskiers of the Day: A new world record was set off the coast of Strahan, Tasmania."
View page >> added 03/02/2012 12:11:41 PM

"What you get with more than 145 skiers"
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Mike Rudderham, Lakeside News

"New world record set in waters off Tasmania's west coast"
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Power Boat, USA, 1:03 AM Sat 28 Jan 2012 GMT

"Water skiers smash world record"
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By Frances Leate, The Mirrir, UK, 31/01/2012

"145 water-skiers attempt record"
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"Water skiing record broken"
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Chicago Times, USA,

"Waterskiing record broken in Australia"
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3 News, NZ, Wed, 01 Feb 2012 7:43a.m.

"Amazing video of 145 water-skiers breaking record"
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Daily Motion, UK

"Wereldrecord waterski: met 145 naast elkaar"
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Daily Motion by Zoomin_Vlaanderen

"Aussies break water-ski world record - A huge group of 145 water-skiers break the world record in Tasmania, Aus"
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Yahoo Video UK & IRELAND Thu, Feb 2, 2012 07:40 GMT - 3:56 | 979 views

"World Record Ski Run 145 People on one boat"

eBaum's World uploaded by NastyCobra 2.2.2012
"looks like a giant human rake over the water" Fadeinlight comment Feb 02, 2012 7:05pm

"Watch 145 Water Skiers Getting Pulled by One Boat Break a World Record.
I'm not a good water skier at all. I can't manage to stay above water for more than two minutes. So I really can't fathom that 145 people could water ski simultaneously for over a mile, but it happened in Tasmania..."
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BroBible by Ted Williams Head on February 2, 2012 at 10:45am

"145 Water Skiers Set Amazing Record in Guinness Book"
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Odd Stuff Magazine Posted on February 4, 2012 by Megha

"Hyper-Competitive Australians Smash Water Skiing Record
145 water skiers have just set a new world record for exactly that: the most people to water ski behind one vessel. Nine fell off along the way, and won’t be counted as part of the record.
A total of 154 people from all over the world set off on the record attempt to ski a full nautical mile inside Australia’s Macquarie Harbour in Strahan, Tasmania.
Nine fell off, and probably got laughed at..."
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2 Oceans Vibe posted by Bearded Wiseman Feb 02, 2012

"Water-Skiers Attempt World Record - Getting up on water-skis requires a precise sense of body positioning, balance and strength. Once skiers master those skills, they often start looking for new challenges, such as carving turns, jumping wakes and doing tricks. A water-skiing club in Australia found an even bigger feat to surmount. Side-by-side..."
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Discovery News by Emily Sohn Wed Feb 1, 2012 04:16 PM ET

"145 Australian Water Skiers Try for World Record - I am not entirely sure why anyone would decide to go water skiing with 150 of your closest friends. Then again, why not?..."
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The Old Salt Blog Posted on February 1, 2012 by Rick Spilman

Comments to Old Salt Blog:
"Cap’n Jack and Mastersmate were there for all the action. We sailed Banyandah down Tasmania’s wild west coast to witness the event. And they didn’t disappoint! A massive team of volunteers set out to do it and they did break their own record on the second attempt. First try was too windy and nearly 50 skiers could not hang on. Second morning was picture perfect.!"
"Oops! Can’t leave out Jude (Masters Mate) or she’ll keel haul me for sure…."
posted by Cap'n Jack February 1, 2012 at 4:08 pm See our B.log

"145 skiers towed behind a boat to break waterskiing record"
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Whats on Ningbo

"WATCH: How To Go Water Skiing With 144 Of Your Closest Friends"
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Business Insider Travis Okulski | Feb. 1, 2012, 3:45 PM

"Tasmania Breaks World Record for Number of Water Skiers Towed Behind One Vessel"
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PR Newswire STRAHAN, Australia, Feb. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/

"154 water skiers set world record"
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"145 Water-Skiers Break World Record - How many people do you think could water-ski off the back of one boat? 50? 75? 100? Well, as it turns out, the magic number is... 145. "
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Huffington Post UK Alastair Plumb First Posted: 31/01/2012 14:37

This is the spectacular moment a staggering 145 water skiers smashed the world record for travelling a mile together at the same time. The group - who clutched a whopping five miles of rope as they crawled along - were pulled by a specially modified 114ft catamaran normally used to ferry tourists. The boat had to be fitted with different propellers and a 308ft aluminium boom to prevent the rope getting tangled up. "
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Caters News Agency

"145 water skiers pulled by single boat - This team broke the world’s record for largest group of people to water ski simultaneously."
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Matador Sports By Michelle Schusterman On February 2, 2012

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NTN24 Latin America's New in English

National Coverage


There is an advert to watch first...

"New water ski record - WATER skiers from the Horsehead Waterski Club smashed their own world record this morning at Strahan."
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The Examiner Newspaper post 27 Jan, 2012 01:06 PM

"Waterskiers smash record - THE world record for the number of waterskiers pulled by a single boat was obliterated on Macquarie Harbour yesterday"
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The Mercury, NICK CLARK | January 28, 2012 12.01am

"KD Water Skis - Big congrates to ALL involved.... the bar has been rasied!!!

Australian water ski club, Horsehead Ski Club, have broken the world record of the highest number of skiers behind a single boat.

To ensure the waters on Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania, were calm enough for the record to take place, it was an early start at 7:20am. Of the 154 skiers who started out, nine fell off, which meant at the fin...ish 145 remaining skiers broke the record, which beats the record set two years ago at 114.

Starting at 7:20am to get the calm waters in Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania, the original 154 skiers fell to 145, breaking their previous record of 114.

A vessel which had enough power to tow all 154 skiers wouldn't have been easy to find, but after a propeller change, the ferry Tasmania Eagle, was able to do the job."
KD WATER SKIS on Facebook

Australia Waterski and Wakeboard Federation
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Daily Picks and Flicks article


"Some of the more fun things in life. Brought a smile to my miserable work day. WELL DONE!" - Nadine, COV, 01/2/2012 17:23

"God the Australians are insufferably dull - always pulling stunts to get on European and US television. Dorks!" - John, London, England, 01/2/2012 20:06

"John has the cold weather made you bitter and twisted, come down and enjoy the weather and enjoy some water skiing in Aus and loosen up,... " - Michael , Melbourne, 02/2/2012 01:37

"Well done all!" - Paul Davis, York. UK, 01/2/2012 21:40

"Firstly, that MUST have been cold Secondly, not a single Australian News Media outlet is covering this (at this stage). Talk about snobbery: if it's an Australian minor triumph, you can guarantee the Australian media won't be interested - until they see it reported by British or American media." - a male, Australia, 01/2/2012 22:27

"Well Done Tassie. Australian media will eventually show this - if it had been Sydney or Melbourne it would make the news! " - Holly, South Australia, 02/2/2012 00:54

"This is pretty cool ... and would make a helluva pyramid! We water skiers are a competitive breed, I've got a feeling this record won't last for long. (I'd love to be a part of the team that breaks it, too.) " thatcrazyredhead 1.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Hey thats cool..looks fun" b00se77 1.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Amazing" maxteero 1.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"don't fall, don't fall..." Idelafr 1.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Congrats.....Perfect Song for the Video!  Boom! Boom! Boom!" JoeinWashDC 1.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"SHARK! and they all Awesome feat! Way to go!" CalTek 1.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Wow!!  Awesome!!" haramichan 2.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Great job!! " cobra7214 2.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"so so awsome !!" cidoXL 2.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Gee, my Ski Nautique will only pull 10! Congrats to the skiers...they had to all be experts." TheresaSutter 2.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"That's just cray-cray! Well done!" haihardy88 2.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Whoa.. that's insane!" Yayayayayayayayaable 2.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"damn this is really cool" fearfulchicken1 2.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"See, people can do good stuff. It ain't all doom and gloom." geteducated 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"Thought brought a smile to my face. I would love to have taken part." westonben 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"GO TASSIE!!!!!!!" TassieHammer 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"That is soooo cool!!! :)" rahrahrah 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"lmfao fancy being on the end and pushing the bloke next to you, it would be like dominoes falling :)" mikey35 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"Shark bait lol" dmcookie 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"Hey boss, can i get a day off work to go break a waterski world record? Will it make me any money? No? Then get back behind your desk. Just kidding. Pretty cool. " imontheball 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"Impressive!" fgirl 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"What a waste of time... Not much to be impressed about really is it? No endurance, no challenge, their not bettering themselves??? Mind you they've got one up on our dole scroungers, I mean they're out the house" earunder 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

REPLY earunder: "COOL! so many synical people this morning. pfft" spurzek 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

REPLY earunder: "Some people just have to bitch and moan about everything don't they? earunder what have you done that's so impressive today then?" rumnredbull 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"Impressive :-)" feline123 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"Followed closely bye a 145 hungry sharks ^ " redhandtom007 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"anyone else playing the Jaws theme in their head" Judoon 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"What's this? Christmas dinner for great white sharks? Takes stowawaying to a new level" birdmaniw 2.2.2012 comment on The Sun, UK

"now that's a way to keep a lot people happy" battcomp 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"That's a lot of people" nellie2581 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Falling would suck....." 2011mga1 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"how would you feel to be the first to fall off" Tankema123 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"This is pretty cool, Glad to be the 25th comment, as youtube just posted this on Facebook!" Tehrepacker 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"holy f@#king shit" 123456loch 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"I give it less than a year until the Asians beat this." Trebek249 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"我只想知道歌名" MYEMOUSIC 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"This is awesome!" winteralltheway 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Where do I sign up?! " mariah128 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Please dont fall, Come closer :) -sharks" udonggo 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"wow, that is amazing" Jonathan Cosford - comment on Facebook

"I wonder what engine(s) the boat used to pull all of this. That's a shitload of drag with that many skiiers in the water, and they managed to all plane out! Amazing." rbryanhull 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"I'd knock those around me off their skis to get more space ^^" bubbeltjes 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"lmao, i'd hate to be the waterskiers in the middle, 0:06 to 0:17," Gr33kshuffler 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"真会玩啊!哈哈 吉尼斯纪录了" HiBobDongpo 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!" D3mon5lay3r 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"I like how the boat is smoking..." theexpertrcpilot 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Lol, bragging and baiting already? lolol Must be from Tasmania. " TwistaCSS 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Pahahaha someone falls off 0:10 seconds in oh you sir are a champion" riegersaurarse 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"And who said waterskiing wasn't a group sport" MrGianttusk 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"leave it to the aussy's to break the most waste of time record..." Chaoskiller34 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"I only noticed the giant pole on the end of the boat at the end! Whoah!" JakeTheAustralian 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"BOAT BUILT BY Richardson Devine Marine its Called "Eagle" thanks for the mention fellas..."
sgtkickass 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"COOL...." JorJorArmany 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Ok now every one do a Mexican wave! :D" dannoroy 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Must of been bloody cold in water at Strahan..." btdt88 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"lol i can see a shark bein like 'BUFFET TIME!' " 3P1CN3RD 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Now all we need is a Ski ramp!" TimmyMeetJimmy 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"The aerial shots in this are amazing and I love the Katy Perry music here" rf11404 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii al estilo" yely4nef 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" alvafranmar 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"according to think-tasmania(dot)com 9 people fell during the video (154 started, 145 arrived); good luck to find them!" XDL125 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"looks so much fun :))))" deanilk 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"I would hate to be in the wake made by the boat...." GreenDay3213 3.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Suggestions taken for the song for the next video I'll be putting up. The video will be similar footage of the really rough run which 108 skiers completed. So what song would you suggest?" GregHind145 4.2.2012 comment on YouTube

Reply to @GregHind145: "Trivium - in waves ; Coldplay - Paradise ; Coldplay - Every teardrop ; Example - Kickstarts ; Avicii - Levels ; We are the people who rule the world [i do not remember the artist name]" DenvilX 4.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Brilliant work on breaking the record. I loved the clip. The footage was too captivating for me to even think about the choice of music you picked. It's a brilliant vid either way. Thanks. " Hoobz01 4.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"7 of my mates were in this." ShadowDragon123321 4.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"This might be the most pointless human endeavour ever captured on film. Well done nonetheless. " alastairis 4.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Classic" motslaps 4.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"Awww.. I'd lov to be part of this..." JUSTACHIPN 4.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"do this with wakeboarders!" Mattmanhockey 5.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"now they attempt single skis" Camster3 5.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"AMAZING!" saramala90 6.2.2012 comment on YouTube

"looks easy" stevenbrown303 6.2.2012 comment on YouTube