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Horsehead Waterski Club

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Starting in 1952 a group of skiers based at Horsehead Creek near Devonport Tasmania shared a three meter skip called "Dosi-Do". This single seater boat was powered by a Ford Prefect motor and with driver kneeling at the back provided many hours of family skiing fun.

In 1958 the skiers created the Horsehead Water Ski Club and in 1962 purchased an early Everingham boat for their club. This boat was named the "We-Ski".

Through the 60's skiing continued on the Mersey River from Horsehead Creek up river to the bluff and back. As this location is salt water, it was generally only possible to ski within a window of two hours before to two hours after after high tide. The clubs focus was purely family skiing.

During the late 60's and early 70's the Mersey was heavily polluted from food processing plants leftovers and this prompted the skiers to look elsewhere for a location for their club. In 1972, nearby Lake Barrington was opened up for recreational use by the Hydro and the club moved to its current site. At only half an hours drive away, this fresh water non tidal lake was the perfect location for the club.

Through the 70's the club was focused on social waterskiing for the whole family in a non competitive environment. The new site needed to be made into the clubs home with the necessary facilities being developed from this time.

Moving to Lake Barrington allowed the development of caravan and camp sites and changed the atmosphere of the club. Previously it was about having a quick ski around the tides. Now it became a retreat for the whole family and a full weekend activity.

During the 1980's there was substantial development of the site. Many members were baby boomers who were young adults skiing on a shoe string budget. In the early 90's the Tasmanian economy was struggling and families were less able to participate in recreation. The club had a quiet period during this time. From the mid 90's families were more able to participate and the club had gone from strength to strength since then.

The Horsehead Water Ski Club has always been family focused and worked hard to keep skiing affordable for its family members. It takes pride in never having had a major accident and care to ensure this record is maintained. In 2008 the club celebrated its 50 year anniversary. The club continues to be involved in community events including learn to ski days for Camp Quality and Various schools. It also puts on the yearly Apex Regatta Ski Show.

The club has approximately 200 members including a vibrant population of children.