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History of the record

We are still finding out about more big attempts over the last 5 to 30 years. Please contact us on if you have photos, videos or stories of any past attempt. We'd love to include it here.

In 1980 a photo of the then World Record of 30 skiers attracted the interest of Horsehead Water Ski Club members.

In 1983 ski club members skied on the Gordon River alongside the first of Strahan's fast ferries, the James Kelly.

Plans began to be made for a record attempt and photos were taken of the back of the James Kelly in readiness to find a way to fit a boom. Assistance from the boat designer could not be readily obtained and the idea was put on hold.

During the following years information about record attempts was compiled along with photos of successful attempts which pushed the record to 50, 57 (Cairns 15th October 1983), 80 (Cairns 13th October 1984) and then 100 skiers (Cairns 18th October 1986).

Information and photos were also collected about unsuccessful attempts in San Francisco in 1985, Perth WA, Lake Powell USA, Belgium and Seattle USA in 2000.

7th October 2000 Klondike World Record Attempt In Lake Washington Seattle USA.

The Nichols Brothers 137 foot Jet Powered Klondike Express Jet Boat tried to pull 120 skiers in 2000. It managed to pull 30 Hydrofoilers from a deep start with 14 of those completing the required distance. Read all about it here

Lake Powell USA Record 29th June 1985

Lake Powell 29th June 1985. It is understood that four ropes had 15 people on each side of each rope for 120 starters. Fins were taped and skiers wore helmets. This method of skiers behind skiers was banned from future record qualification due to safety problems. 89 skiers were pulled behind "Nonne Zoshi" for 20 seconds. View newspaper article here ...

Do you know more - do you have photos, videos or stories or organizer's contact details?? Please contact us .