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Our Team

There are lots of people involved in making this 2012 Attempt a success, from organisers, volunteers, sponsors and skiers. We'll make a mini bio of the ones who want to be on the site here.

2012 Skiers - more will be added to this list soon
Our youngest skier is 11yo and the oldest is nearly 60yo!

  • Howard Addison
    Haylee Alderson
    Tony Aspinall
    Brad Aylett
    Matt Badcock
    Andre Barisic
    Stevie Barisic
    Zander Barisic
    Scott Batchelor
    Andrew Bennett
    David Bennett
    Lynne Bennett
    Madeline Bennett
    Thomas Bennett
    Kelly Berggren
    Tom Brooks
    Dayna Broun
    Kirsty Broun
    Tara Broun
    Linda Burgess
    Sid Burgess
    Cameron Bush
    Erin Bye
    Alyce Callander
    Marty Campbell
    Jo Cane
    Alistair Capp

  • Ben Clark
    Kate Clark
    Vaughan Cruickshank
    Annie Davies
    Caleb Davies
    Liam Davies
    Travis Davies
    Steve Dell
    Mark Dobson
    Nick Elmer
    Ben Elliott
    Karen Ford
    Stuart Ford
    Justin Gerke
    Nicola Gerke
    David Gillespie
    Lauren Gillespie
    Zane Good
    Maddi Guilbert
    Grant Hagemann
    Emma Hall
    Zane Harman
    Amy Hind
    Greg Hind
    Karen Hind
    Peter Hind
    Kylen Homan

  • Mark Hurley
    Tania Hurley
    Terry Hurley
    John Inglis
    Maggie Inglis
    Adam Johnson
    Dean Johnson
    Gael Johnson
    Hayley Johnson
    Shaun Johnson
    Tim Johnson
    Doug Johnson
    Lynne Jones
    Tim Jones
    Robert Kelty
    Trudi Kingston
    Scott Knowles
    John Knowles
    Luke Lamprey
    Chris Lane
    Liam Langford
    Sam Langford
    Jess Last
    Nigel Lee
    Bob Lindgren
    Michael Ling

  • Simon Ling
    Todd Lipscombe
    Douglas Loane
    Jason Lunn
    Steve Lunn
    Tamika Lunn
    Bruce Mansfield
    Mikaela McDermott
    Tahlia McDermott
    Jacob McNab
    Andrew McNab
    Kent Medwin
    Kristy Mee
    Suzanne Menzie
    Jonathan Morgan
    Jaikeb Morice
    Sherrydan Morice
    Andrew Morse
    Daniel Morse
    Eddie Morse
    Justin Morse
    Lucinda Murfet
    Josh Nast
    James Newett
    Sam Nicolson
    Drew Oakden

  • Rob O'Connor
    Chris O'Halloran
    Dan Pfeiffer
    Marek Porter
    Glen Porter
    Caitlyn Reid
    George Rigney
    Dean Riley
    Katelyn Riley
    Rebecca Riley
    Natlie Ryan
    Emma Schouten
    Perry Schouten
    Tina Schramm
    Alexandra Seaton
    Alex Shadbolt
    Taylor Shadbolt
    Daniel Shephard
    Steven Shephard
    Troy Sheridan
    Bob Skirving
    Steve Smedley
    Alyce Smith
    Karen Smith
    Liam Smith
    Roger Smith

  • Tim Smith
    Sam Southwell
    Amy Springer
    Scott Springer
    Ryan Stallard
    John Taylor
    Kurt Taylor
    Raegan Taylor
    Mathew Tedeschi
    Mark Templar
    Melissa Templar
    Andrew Tonks
    Chris Treloar
    Alex Triffit
    Stevie Triffit
    Ben West
    Morgan West
    Anthea White
    John Wiggers
    Bruce Wilson
    Clare Wilson
    Luis Wilson
    Ben Wood

    Hagemann, Natalie
    Jones, Lynne
    Lewis, Seton
    Wilson, Clare


Brad Aylett HWC 49yo

"Focus, let's get the job done again !!"
Brad is also a skier on the team and has put together most of the movies from training and from 2010. He has the helmet cam ready to go!

Jess Last HWC

Jess is sking and also on the committee. She is keeping us all organised!

Lucinda Murfet HWC

"I had such a fantastic time working behind the scenes and being involved in something so big and spectacular!
As a (skier) team leader, I was so proud of each of my team members making it across the line! It was just amazing seeing the 145 skiers and all the volunteers and sponsors working towards the common goal! Thank you!!"


Dayna Broun HWC 24yo

"I was so proud to be a part of this the world record again. My family has been involved in the club since the beginning, so we are very proud of the club, its members, and our world record achievement."

John Wiggers HWC 59yo Skier R15

Wigg was in the successful 2010 team. One of the more experienced skiers, being a HWC member for decades, Wigg will be one of the heavy-weights near the wake in the line-up.

Visit their personal site >>

Kelly Berggren HWC 34yo Skier L45

"I'm really looking forward to getting in the water and gripping it! I missed out in 2010 since I was 9mths pregnant at the time. I was also in the 2009 team."

Visit their personal site >>

Natalie Ryan Sydney

"I think this is such an incredible event that is taking place that involves an amazing team of people and a true demonstration of what the True Aussie Spirit is! I am a Sydney city chick who flew in to try out for this event and been priviledge to be accepted as part of the the team, through their dedication and coaching! The amount of dedication, hours, volunteers, engineering and planning that goes into this event is phenominal. It's not every day the get the chance to break a world record and with such an awesome team of Aussies."

Tara Broun HWC 21yo

2012 Committee, Volunteers & Catering

The effort and contributions of these people is enormous. Thanks to everyone who has helped get us to where we are!

  • Volunteers
    Barisic, Peter
    Broun, Cathy
    Broun, Peter
    Bush, Steve
    Dobson, Kathy
    Dutton, Peter
    Hind, Jan
    Howe, Dominic
    Lane, Adam
    Lane, Marguerite
    Morice, Jamie
    Morse, Jacki
    Murfet, Becky
    Murfet, Phil
    Seaton, Mark
    Riley, Christine
    Simpson, Scott
    Stallard, David
    Stones, Helen
    Turner, Bill
    Wilson, Clare
    Wilson, Nic
    Wilson, Andrew
    Winkler, Jane
    Wood, Simon

    Nic Wilson
    Roger Smith
    Greg Hind
    David Bennett
    Brad Aylett
    Eddie Morse
    Marty Campbell
    Terry Hurley
    Peter Dutton
    Nick Elmer
    Drew Oakden
    Lucinda Murfet
    Jess Last

  • Catering
    Becky and Phil Murfet ( multi tasking specialists)
    Ann Last (multi tasking specialist)
    Gretchen McCoy ( multi tasker )
    Sarah Elliott ( multi tasker )
    Josh Hast chef extraordinaire, can ski as well
    Hayley Elmer
    Mrs Skirving - jacket potato specialist
    Mrs. Seaton
    Amy Hind - one busy lady and multi tasker.
    Geoff and Barbara Winspear – bbq specialists and catering sponsors
    Jane Winkler - Multi Tasker extraordinaire
    Heidi Broun – Barista and all round kitchen hand
    Dana Cetkovic-Barisic - Jet ski lady from Meadow Bank – Multi tasker
    Terry and Tanya Hurley
    Molesworth Fabulous Foods – donation of bottled water
    Linda and Sid Burgess – cakes, slices and lovely people from Meadowbank.
    Hannah O’Connor
    Jamie and Denise West ( spit roast carving specialists)
    Peter Broun and family for their donation of apples ( couldn’t have a ski record without Broun apples to munch on)

    This is a list of some extraordinary willing people to whom I am very thankful for their support in pulling off an unbelievable catering attempt of unconfirmed numbers of world record skiers and groupies at one venue in testing conditions. THEY ARE LEGENDS!!!!

    A big thank you to those who cooked cakes, slices and salads. A special thank you to Nic Wilson who put the call out for help when asked by bossy caterer. I know I will forget somebody but I am grateful to anyone who helped in any way.

    Cheers, Marguerite.