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2012 Event Updates

Hello To Everyone In The 2012 World Record Water Ski Team
It is time to reflect and marvel for a moment...

On the 28th March 2010 a new world record was set for the most skiers to be towed behind one boat. This achievement came about after many years of hard work by hundreds of people; See the 2010 movies here.

This Saturday marks the one year anniversary of our 2012 World Record Event. On the 26thof January last year a ski run was achieved by the team of 108 skiers; Re-visit the action!

Sunday the 27th of January 2013 marks our first year anniversary of the biggest ski run in history. This means our World Record Ski Team holds first, second and third places for the three biggest ski runs in history, Wahoo……..

Happy skiing for the remainder of the 2012/2013 summer.

Best regards,
The World Record Water Ski Team Committee.

We did it! 145 over the line! On Friday 27th January 2012 the Eagle pulled 154 skiers from the deep and 145 made the full nautical mile distance - SMASHING the old record of 114 skiers behind one boat.

7.15am Jan 27th 2012 saw 154 skiers entering the water while dawn broke over the mountains behind Strahan. A huge effort from the organisers and volunteers had the ropes connected to the Eagle so fast that we were ready to ski an hour earlier than the day before. The Eagle had been anchored in the bay overnight, perfectly in position and with the boom in place, which allowed the speedy rope connection.

The drag was tiny - only 25 seconds - and nearly everyone was up. We had to concentrate and focus on form, making sure skis over-lapped as little as possible (very hard to uncross them without falling off once over-lapped). The space for each skier was only 80 cms! Should to shoulder!

Once up the focus is on staying the distance - with no mucking around! Legs and lower backs get tired first. Changing stance slightly by bending knees more or straightening backs and standing a little taller helped.

It was amazing the difference good weather makes. The day before it was pure grit and guts to hang on through the surf, with waves pounding in every second or two, which you either had to bash through, jump over or really focus on using your knees to absorb the roll. Even the strongest skiers were gritting their teeth and clenching fingers to make it - the majority of skiers were suffering pumped out thighs, forearms and biceps, aching lower backs and cramped hands. Mantras like "just grip it!", "nearly there!" and "arms straight, knees bent!" would have been going through most skiers heads non-stop. I know I couldn't even spare a glance at the rest of the line - total focus on watching my space in front of the boom, shaking off water every 2 seconds so I could see.

Then the horn blasted again and Nic called out "148!!!!" (easy to miscount that many people without a photo to look at!) We just let it rip with the "YAH-HOO!". Everyone was grinning set to break their faces. The support boats were there in a flash to start hauling us in, asking what the total was and if we'd done it.

YES WE HAD! This record should stand for decades!
[report by Kelly Berggren - Skier L45]

Jan 26, 2012 - Happy Australia Day! Run #1 2012 report
First run today saw nearly all the skiers make the start and 108 over the finish line, with rough water making it tough. The drag time was LOTS shorter so the new prop and skier techniques are working!

Special big thanks for the volunteers in the water getting the ropes tied to the boom. Cold work!

Hi Everyone,

One of our sponsors Mountain Dew Ice have offered 100 bags of ice for the event, plus a storage cooler.We need someone to pick them up from Mountain Dew Ice premises in Shearwater. Will need either a flat tray/large ute or trailer.

If you can assist please call Marguerite Lane on 0400107301

Jan 24, 2012
What an awesome effort has been made by everyone ..... out on the water, behind the scenes and at the working bees!!

We should already be very proud to be part of the World Record Team.

If you have a wakeboard and have room for it in the car, put it in. No promises, but if time and circumstances permit maybe ........?

This will be the last email until after the event. If you have any last mnute queries please ring Nic Wilson on 0408 106 452

See you all in Strahan

Jan 21, 2012 - Briefing for Everyone

Briefing for Everyone involved in the ski event will commence at 8.45 p.m. at barbecue area at West Strahan beach. This is the beach just in front of the caravan park.

- On arrival at the barbecue area please find Jacqui Morse or Christine Riley and check in with them so we know you are there. They will be situated in the pavilion.

- If you are unable to attend the 8.45 p.m. briefing there will be a second briefing at 10.30 p.m. This will also occur at the barbecue area.

Jan 21, 2012
Our fabulous sponsors at have provided an opportunity for EVERYONE involved in the 2012 event to list their names and provide a mini profile.

Check out the draft list here (Our registered volunteers and reserve skiers will be added soon.)

If you would prefer your name was NOT listed please email

We would love to add more names and if you would like to email a picture of yourself, or a mini biography or facebook address that can be added that as well; even better: a short comment on how you feel to be in the event, would be great! (Email these to also.)

Imagine someone reading the site in 10 years - a little insight into how it felt to be a part of such a unique event would be great.

Jan 19, 2012 - VERY IMPORTANT for all skiers - Check your payments for Strahan

The original email of this note has an attached list that shows everyone who we have recorded as paid - up until January 16. (Payments after Jan 16 are still to be processed)

Paying (and a successful ski training run) secures your spot.


Please contact Eddie on 0438 029 689 or email immediately if there are any queries.

Best Regards
World Record Team

Jan 19, 2012 - Meals in Strahan
In an effort to keep costs down in Strahan we have been able to secure generous sponsorship for some food.

At this stage we hope to provide the following for skiers and helpers: (Please bring your own plate, cutlery and chair if possible)

1. Breakfast - Sausage Sizzle
2. Lunch - It is is suggested we all support the Mt. Lyell Picnic Committee and buy salads or hamburgers from the Strahan Lions Club and CWA. (They have been advised.)
3. Evening- Kebabs BBQ, salad and bread.

1. Breakfast- Sausage sizzle
2. Lunch – BBQ provided by caravan park
3. Evening – Soup with Ham/Chicken

1. Breakfast – Sausage sizzle
2. Lunch - No planned food
3. Evening –spit roast (lamb, beef, potatoes) salads


Can you help by making some Salads, Cakes or Slices?
Do you have access to a gas fired Spit Roast?

If you can help please phone Marguerite on 0400 107 301

Thursday 19th Jan
There are about 900 logos to paint on 300 skis. (We have awesome sponsors!!)

Your help would be greatly appreciated - mostly to just move the skis around.
Starting time 4.30. Finish time ??

If you have access to a complete spray unit it would be great to bring it OR
if you have just the high pressure gun there is a spare compressor outlet.
(queries to Roger on 0419394244)

Bring your smile (the newspaper should be there).
If you have not made it to a working bee yet this might be your last chance.
300 skis and bindings, 80 metres of boom and and 8km of ropes stacked
in one place is a sight to behold!

Jan 19, 2012 - A Few Hours Help at Night at Strahan?
During the night at Strahan there is often a large amount of rope and equipment left installed on the beach in readiness for the next morning.

We are looking for some volunteers to do a 2 hour session (maybe in pairs?) during the evenings to "babysit" the gear on the beach.

Sessions would probably be:
11pm - 1.00 am
1.00 am - 3.00 am
3.00 am - 5.00 am

If you can help on any of Wednesday, Thursday or Friday nights could you please contact Jess on 0417 371 782 or email

Thanks heaps

Jan 18, 2012
Some key points to help you focus your practice run 100 second drags - click here

Guy and Troy have generously made their boat available to us all day
Thursday 26th. That means we can choose the best water conditions at any time during daylight hours.

Our fabulous Pfeiffer Crane people are bringing an even bigger crane this year. Last time we used a 55 Tonne crane - this time it will be 80 Tonne!

Training Day at Meadowbank on Saturday was very successful.
The Southerners have a team of more than 20 who have been practicing heaps.

Training Day at Barrington was even bigger.
On just the Sunday, 50 people had training runs non-stop over 3 hours.

The last official training day will take place:

Sunday 22nd. Jan - 11.00 am - 1.00pm
Horsehead Water Ski Club, Lake Barrington

Experience has shown that you can improve your technique a huge amount with just a couple of practice runs and make things lots easier for yourself. Attending training really does help heaps.

We need a team of Jet Skis and Operators for Strahan. If you can help please let Peter Dutton know on 0408 642 622

Jan 17, 2012 - Can't be in Strahan all four days?
You can still be part of the Team.

There are some skiers who can't arrive until Friday
There are some skiers who have to leave Friday.

Talk to Brad and some swap overs can be arranged. Ph. 0418 820 291 email:

Jan 17, 2012 - Party Time at Strahan!
Hi Everyone,
Everyone loves a party!!

PA system and DJ for our World Record Event in Strahan.

Do you know someone who would help out with this role?

If yes, please email Jessica Last or ring her on 0417 371 782 and let her know the details.

The World Record Water Ski Team

Jan 13, 2012

There is a new group of skiers coming from Northern Aquatic Club at Trevallyn.

Two new props have been made to provide 43% more power.

We have skiers flying in from Victoria and WA.

One lady flew in from Sydney (just for the weekend) to practice. She will be flying back to Tasmania just to ski at Strahan. "I missed the Olympics, so I wasn't going to miss out on this"

Are there skier spots still available?
You or your friends CAN still secure a skier spot - but you need to act very quickly:

STEP 1 Paying your $50 will reserve a spot
STEP 2 Having at least one successful practice run on the big skis will secure your spot

Large numbers of skiers have registered their interest in becoming World Record Holders. To date there are 168 registered skiers. To be fair to all and with limited spots available, skier spots will be allocated to the first 154 who pay.

Jan 12, 2012
Hi Everyone - In two weeks time you could be a New World Record holder!

Register and Pay Today
To date there are 168 registered skiers. Engineering allows for 154 places to be allocated and skier teams are starting to be compiled. To ensure your spot in the 2012 Ski Team you need to pay your $50 and attend a training session.

Training Sessions
For those who are yet to have a run on the big skis this year, skier training days are scheduled for the following dates. Your attendance on at least one of these days is critical. There is a proven skiing strategy which will help you cross the finish line as a World Record Holder.

Saturday 14th January, Meadowbank Ski Club, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Sunday 15th January, Horsehead Water Ski Club, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Jan 11, 2012
You are a member of a huge World Record Water Ski Team which will descend on Strahan in just over 2 weeks time.

It is great to be recognised in Strahan as a skier or supporter.
Now that the Christmas break is over we are trying to make T-Shirts available for new people. Time is very short. If you want to purchase a World Record T-Shirt (see photo here), do the following:

Organise payment of $35 by Thursday Jan 11 - 2 days time!! (see payment options below).
Once payment has been made, text or phone Lyn with your name(s) and size(s).
If the order can be supplied in time we will then proceed (or organise refunds).

Banking details are:
Payment by Thursday 11th January.

Financial Institution is Bass and Equitable
BSB No 632 001
Account Number 100122503

After payment has been confirmed , contact Lyn Butler at or 0409 027 802 with name(s) and size(s).

Jan 4, 2012

200 new skis have been made (for everyone over 60kg), but you will need a good quality pair of bindings and fins .

In the past , some people have borrowed these fittings off other skis. Bindings and fins can be sent or dropped off to Brad Aylett, 29 Leary Avenue, Devonport. 7310

If required, bindings and fins can be purchased from Tamar Marine (one of our major sponsors). Ring Tamar Marine on 63 316188 and ask for Jeremy. He will freight these items straight to Brad and save you the hassle of collecting them etc.

Dec 16, 2011
Greetings to the whole World Record Water Ski Team

So you can enjoy all the excitement as the world record event ramps
up, we would like to ensure that every one of you are receiving ALL of
the Strahan updates as they are posted to you.

You should have received 3 emails just recently:

1. A welcome to the whole expanded team (both old members and new)
2. The fantastic news about the new more powerful props for the boat.
3. Exciting news that the boom extensions are on their way from WA
and the rope is on its way from New Zealand. (An invitation for you to
help on Monday night in Devonport was also included.)

If for any reason you did not receive any of these emails, please send
a message to and we will investigate for you.

Dec 15, 2011
The good news keeps on coming. Developments you will be interested in knowing about are:
- The new rope required for the extra skiers and boom extensions has arrived in Australia and we will take delivery of it in the next few days.
- New rope reels and rope reel holders will need constructing.
- The new sections of boom material are crossing the Nullarbor and will be ready for Aluminium welding guy to weave his magic with early in the New Year. Checking the condition of the existing boom sections is required too.

All available people who can assist with these tasks are invited to join us at a working bee on Monday 19th December at Roger Smith’s workshop 70 Tugrah Road commencing at 6.00 p.m. If you are available please email Jess Last on and indicate you will be attending.

Dec 3, 2011
Everything is on track for the 26th of January 2012. A number of important items required for our event to be successful have been finalised in the past couple of days. These are;
- The new boom concept and engineering has been finalised and signed off.
- Extra material for the bigger and better boom has been ordered and is on its way from Western Australia.
- The extra rope required for the extra skiers has been sourced from New Zealand and is making passage to us. The new handles required have also been ordered.
- 100 new skis are required for the 2012 event. Construction of these will commence soon.