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Skier Technique

For those interested, below is some detailed information about slow starts and skiing in large groups. Some key points to help you focus your practice run 100 second drags.

1.Arms straight

Pulling your arms in makes a hole in the water in front of the skiers beside you. Not only do you seriously risk taking out the skiers next to you but you also risk getting taken with them when they fall.

This is why skiers are asked to keep their arms straight at all times.

If you have a habit of pulling your arms in, you can learn to change this habit. We’ll help you in skier training or you can practice this yourself.

2.Big skis together

There isn’t room for your skis to spread out on the start. You need to stick to your own space so you don’t get your skis tangled up with a neighbour’s. Also, we’ve proven that you lift out of the water sooner, at a slower boat speed and with about 30% less drag if you can hold the big skis together so they act like a big kneeboard. Practice starting with your skis together.

Please note normal skis work differently and do need to be kept apart a little. Light weight skiers who are on normal skis need to have their skis apart just a little.

3.Stay down

If you stand up early, you create lots of additional drag and you make holes in the water in front of the skiers beside you.

For most people, it feels more natural to stand up well before we want you to. However the team has proven it is much more reliable to stay down until you have lots of room to cut out of the way of others.

Take a look at this video from 2010

In really tough conditions the whole group of skiers who are sitting down made it through. That entire group (yes all of them) fell off in those same conditions while standing up the day before. When you are sitting down, you can knock shoulders together and make it through. When you stand up, you risk your legs being taken from under you. Practice staying down until there is room to cut out.

4.Roll forwards

If you are dragging heavily, let your arms further forwards. Roll your shoulders forwards. Treating your skis like wings instead of walls will really help make the start lighter on your body.

You might feel more comfortable doing things a different way however this is a team endeavour. It is really important that every person does their very best to ski the way we’ve asked them to.

Our team has a lot of experience and a lot of high resolution photos and video which has shown us the above four points really are the way we need to ski this record.

We’ve found new and returning skiers are picking these methods up quite quickly.


The last official training day will take place

Sunday 22nd. Jan
Horsehead Water Ski Club
Lake Barrington

11.00 am - 1.00pm

Experience has shown that you can improve your technique a huge amount with just a couple of practice runs and make things lots easier for yourself.

Attending training really does help heaps.

Questions about practice sessions?

Contact (Brad Aylett Devonport) or (Greg Hind Longford)