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Behind the Scenes

LAST WORKING BEE: Monday 23rd January at Roger Smith’s workshop

There is one final working bee scheduled for Monday 23rd at 5.00 p.m. at Roger Smith’s work yard 70 Tugrah Rd Devonport to complete the following jobs;

· Painting last few skis and attaching bindings
· Loading two Transit vans with 208 pairs of skis !!
· Loading the boom, ropes and associated gear onto trucks.

Have you been to a working bee to help out yet? Please make an effort to attend this working bee because many hands
makes for light work!

World Record Water Ski Team

P.S. Rumour has it that the crane might be increased in size a second time!

HUGE WORKING BEE: Thursday 19th January at Roger Smith’s workshop

There were about 900 logos to paint on 300 skis. (We have awesome sponsors!!) 300 skis and bindings, 80 metres of boom and and 8km of ropes stacked in one place is a sight to behold!

Three spray guns were in action, handles were being checked and sorted, the boom was being layed out and the rolls of rope went on forever! The stack of skis alone could have made a solid defense system for a small village.

We had a production line going with skis being brought up, someone else placing them on the trestles, then 2 other team members sprayed on the logos simultainiously, before another person picked up the finished skis and took them back to the line up to dry. Very smooth.

The logo templates themselves will make a cool memento once the event is over - the laser cut steel looked pretty neat!

STILL TO DO - can you help?

Someone to pick up from Mountain Dew Ice premises in Shearwater 100 bags of ice for the event, plus a storage cooler. Will need either a flat tray/large ute or trailer. If you can assist please call Marguerite Lane on 0400107301

NEEDED: PA system & DJ for Saturdays Party.
Do you know someone who would help out with this role?

If yes, please email Jessica Last or ring her on 0417 371 782 and let her know the details.

Catering - CAN YOU HELP?
In an effort to keep costs down in Strahan we have been able to secure generous sponsorship for some food.

NEEDED: Do you have access to a gas fired Spit Roast?
NEEDED: Up to making some Salads, Cakes or Slices?

If you can help please phone Marguerite on 0400 107 301

A Few Hours Help at Night at Strahan?
We are looking for some volunteers to do a 2 hour session (maybe in pairs?) during the evenings to "babysit" the gear on the beach.

If you can help on any of Wednesday, Thursday or Friday nights could you please contact Jess on 0417 371 782 or email